My research interests focus on Viral Marketing, Content Strategy, Social Media Effects , Linguistic Style and Marketing particularly in the interaction between publics and brands. My current research explores the role of social media and it effectivity on users behavior, I am working with different methods as Netnography, Discourse Analisis, Sociograms, Data Analisis and others.

Previously I had conducted research on Theory of Strategy and Communication Strategy.

Current Working Research

  • – Post effectivity factors in a Branded Facebook (with Dr. Mayukh Dass, TTU).
  • – Iberoamerican contribution to the Theory of Strategy (with Dr. Rafael Alberto Perez, Spain).
  • – Micro-foundations of strategy, a discourse analysis of companies across countries.
  • – A holistic approach to Marketing Communication Education (With Dr. Monica Herrera, Chile)


Main Presentations, Conferences and Guest Lectures 

  • 2013 Proposals to strengthen the industry. ASIMET: Annual Industry Forum. Santiago, Chile *
  • 2013  Strategic Communication and Social Media guest lecture at Universidad de Concepcion, Concepcion, Chile*
  • 2012  The new strategic Theory in Practice. X Meeting, Iberoamerican Forum on Communication Strategies. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. *
  • 2011 Ideas for rethinking companies from communication
    IX Meeting, Iberoamerican Forum on Communication Strategies:
    Rethinking Strategy – From Conflict to articulation. Belo Horizonte, Brazil*
  • 2011  Strategy: New Models and Ideas, guest lecture for the PhD in Communication class at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. *
  • 2010 The New Strategic Theory applied in companies”. Communication Club. Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile*
  • 2008  Strategize in organizations. First meeting, FISEC Chile at the Universidad Diego Portales. Santiago, Chile*
  • 2006  Strategize for a dialogue market. Tools and Contributions to the New Strategic Theory. Presented at the IV Iberoamerican Meeting on Communication Strategies, Granada-Spain. *

Articles published in books

  • 2009  “Strategic Model of Community Relations” in the book “Toward a General Theory of Strategy” Rafael Alberto Pérez and Sandra Massoni, Ariel Ed. *
  • 2006   Towards a Revolution from Communication. Published in the 2nd Book “Management Updates” Universidad de Viña del Mar*

Articles published in academic journals.

  • 2010  A New Strategic Theory from Latin America? Review and Comparison of English Speaking and Latin American Field: ZER (Basque Country University Journal) *
  • 2007  The State of Corporate Communication in the Chilean Companies. Latin American Journal of Communication, Chasqui. N° 100 December. *
  • 2006  Communication in international organizations. Issues and Best Practices. Latin American Journal of Communication, Chasqui. N°96, December*
  • 2006 For a Relational / Symbolic Dimension of Strategy, Contributions of theories of discourse. FISEC-Estrategias – (Journal of Lomas de Zamora University, Argentina). *

Articles in Professional Magazines, Newspapers, Websites and Others

  • 2016  Co-Created Brands. Brand management in social media, DIRCOM, 109, Argentina
  • 2015  Company Dialogs in turbulent times. Walic Magazine, Chile*
  • 2014  Chile All Ways Changing: A look into the Chilean Wave of Reforms. Latin American Research Center of the University of Calgary, Canada.
  • 2011  Rethinking Business as Social Actor. DIRCOM, 92, Argentina*
  • 2007 Lead with stories. RRHH Magazine, Spain
  • 2006  Precious Metal. Challenges and Opportunities in Chilean Mining, DIRCOM, 6, Argentina*
  • 2006  Management by Communication, Aprende RH Magazine, II/13, Spain*

Other Relevant Research Projects 

  • 2013   University of Calgary (School of Public Policy). Background research for a conference on Energy Markets and Resource Development in Chile.
  • 2007  Researcher (Coordinator) for the Stakeholders perception of “Schools of the Future” project. Microsoft/ Fundación Chile/ Universidad Mayor. *
  • 2005   Project leader: Homeless National Assemblies. Red Calle/ Chilean Government. *
  • 2001  Co-Researcher. Designing a communication model for evaluation of the news coverage for nationals companies. Universidad Mayor. *

Thesis Direction

  • 2013 Review and Analysis of a Crowdsourcing applications in a Chilean political campaign through the Model of Genome of Collective Intelligence. MBA. IEDE Business School *
  • 2013 Service Quality Model applied to the Vending Industry in Chile. MBA. IEDE Business School *
  • 2012  Review of the impact of the ISO 9000 implementation in the area of HR. Master on Human Resources. Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello. *
  • 2012 The influence of social networks in the emergence of new models of business. Master on Marketing. Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello. *
  • 2012 Appreciative Inquiry a case study. Master on Human Resources. Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello. *
  • 2012 Analysis of the impact of training on performance. A case study. Master on Human Resources. Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello. *

* Original titles in Spanish