Prior his arrival to the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University, Dr. Villegas had over a decade of experience as a consultant in industries such as mining, construction, postal services, transport, financial services and banks, retail, telecommunications, government institutions, political campaigns, and non-profits organization among others.

Example of projects:

  • Political and Branding Strategy Campaign
  • Communication and Public Relationship
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Organizational Structure design and competency profiles
  • Climate Surveys
  • Salary and compensation report
  • Workforce recruitment program
  • Balanced Scorecard design and deployment
  • Change Management and Teambuilding
  • Customer Experience
  • Training needs assessments
  • Leadership training programs
  • Internal Communication plan
  • Service Retention Program
  • Sales and telemarketing training
  • Time Management Training Courses
  • Team Building for the finance department.
  • Change Management and internal communication
  • Appreciative Inquiry Programs
  • Users experience program
  • Top Down / Bottom Up continuous improvement program.
  • Thousands of workers and executives trained in Leadership, Strategy, KPI´s, Time Management, Effective Communication and Customer Experience